What is Love


Falling in love.

Being in love.

Falling out of love.


Is there a thing called everlasting love? Is it possible to love someone from the very first moment you meet? I don’t really believe in love at first sight, although I do believe in lust at first sight. Attraction, sure. Love, no. Love needs more than what the eyes can see.

If you once loved someone, and then fell out of love. Where does that feeling go? Is love some kind of energy? Because I recall learning that energy never goes away, it simply transforms into another shape. So, where does it go, once it’s not in the shape of love any longer.

What makes us fall in love with another person? What makes us feel those butterflies inside? Makes us smile on the very thought of that person? Longing to be close to him or her?

And if you loved one person before, and now love someone else, is that the same love? Is it the same energy of love you once had for your ex, that simply passes on to that other (new) person to be attached to?

There’s so much talk about love, that one might believe that it’s the meaning of life. All the lyrics, all the books on “how to fall in love”, all the “1001 definitions of love”, and how amazing it is to be loved. I cannot more than agree, it is a wonderful feeling. But is it the meaning of live? To fall in love? To be in love? Do we all seek a partner for life? Or just for the moment?

Why is it so important to find someone special, if you already surround yourself with great friends that you can talk to, share secrets with, cry on their shoulders when being sad, get comfort and support from, a hug once needed…

I cannot stop counting all friends who are stressing themselves out find a man or woman to love. Or more accurately, to love them back. It’s not necessarily to create a family, but maybe it’s simply a way to feel appreciated as a woman? As a man? Or as a human being? If you are not in a relationship, are you not a complete person then? Why do women (and men) seek for a relationship just for the sake of being in one? Do we not appreciate ourselves enough? Or are we not appreciated from our friends and family enough that we need someone closer than that?

Is it true that women define their success through their relationships and men through their careers? Is it a fact that if you don’t have a special someone, you are not a complete person? Are we not complete as individuals?

I somewhat let these questions spin around in my head from time to time, especially when walking around in a park, or in town late evenings, when you all you can see are couples sitting on a bench, holding hands, squeezing  under a blanket a café… all in pairs. Do we all come in pairs? Are we suppose to find our second half on our journey through life? Are we not a complete person just the way we were born?
Do we need someone to acknowledge our life? Is that what it’s all about? Someone to see us? Are we that self-centered that we only care for ourselves and wishing for someone to see what is important to us… meaning, ourselves?

Whatever the meaning of life… or the meaning of love. I feel that I am able to feel complete as a person – without someone to hold my hand. This is the way I was born. One body. One soul. This whole talk about finding your soul mate, I do not really buy into that… I mean, why would someone not be able to find balance and harmony in life without a ring on their finger or sharing bed with someone?

What is love? And why is it that so many are seeking for it. Desperately.

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