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Seasons Change

On my way from dance class, the chilly wind in my back and a bright moon above me in the dark night sky…
The autumn is here. Multicolored leaves on the ground, leaving the trees exposed, bare and ready for another cold winter to come.
Moon was lightning up my road, and a single star was to be seen up in the sky.

A funny thought made me stop and stare up in the nightsky. Mr. Moon was smiling back, as if he was trying to say that even though it’s dark now, things will brighten up. I am not sure if he wanted to say that the sun will be back in a couple of hours to bring back the light to the world, or that the light actually is within me – all of us to be correct. 

Regardless, there I was. Looking up in the sky just as there was some hazy air wrapped all around me. Having the wind in my hair got me thinking that seasons come and go, and as they do, life sure does take me on amazing adventures. Some good, some bad, but for sure, they hardly ever keep me bored.

In my part of the world, seasons change rather rapidly and quite often. We have spring, summer, autumn and winter. And they are all very unique and differ a lot from one another (although I am always joking that we have three seasons in Sweden; “soon-there-will-be-winter, winter and we-just-had-winter”)
But for real, all of the four seasons have their own mystique to bring to the world. I can say for sure, that I prefer spring to autumn, and heath before cold, but I want snow to be on the ground when it’s christmas… (actually, this year, it’s rather unclear if there will be any snow before new years eve… climate change, anyone?)

So, what strikes me is that we somewhat expect the seasons to come back. After summer there has to be a period of rainy autumn. If the winter would come directly after the summer, I guess it would feel somewhat awkward. Wouldn’t it?

But you know that there will be spring after the cold, grey and snowy (hopefully) winter. Like old friends, you know that they will be back, to bring that little extra something that only the seasons can give you. Rainy autumn, snuggle-up winter, expectant spring and adventurous summer. And they come when you need them the most. When the rain has poured down long enough, and you have drunk enough tea in your couch together with that blanket and you are fed up with reading books, then comes the winter. Bringing snow, ice-skating rinks, and sledging. And once your fingers can’t take any more of the cold, drumroll, then comes the spring. Making sure that trees and flowers come back to life. With its joy to kickstart life, you know that times are changing. And what you never took time to do last year, here goes your new chance.
Once you’ve made plans for the year, there it comes. Lazy and adventurous summer! With the heat, sunshine for long, long hours, and love in the air. People suddenly change their moods and approach to life (that sure is worth mentioning, perhaps in later post. But yes, people are different in the winter compared to the summer… incredibly significant in my part of the world).

Then comes the autumn again. With its colourful and playful leaves… and so it goes, starting all over again. And I have to admit that I like it. A lot even.

Now, I once was told that it is not just the seasons that change and come to us when we need them the most. But so does people. New faces, old faces… but especially new faces. The person telling me this had a theory that we meet certain people when we need them the most in life. No matter the reason or cause, they come to us to help us out. When we need to make a decision, to learn something – about ourselves or about life. Made me think that, what if that is the case? Can it be, that people are brought together because they need each other? There must be a winter to freeze the world a little so that spring can bring leaves and flowers back to life? And the summer needs to warm up the oceans so that there can be rain in autumn?

Two people meet when they need it the most. For whatever reason. (This is a question about destiny or faith, isn’t it?) But not only is the question if two people are already destined to meet, but there is a purpose for them to do so. Because one, or maybe both of them, needed it just then and there. Now, I’m not saying that this is wrong. Neither am I saying that it’s correct. But I found the theory of my friend to be quite interesting, and to be perfectly hones with you, the people closest to me, I got to know under circumstances where I needed just someone like them in my life. They all taught me something, and brought something unique to my life, that I sometimes didn’t even know that I needed.

Not sure if you are buying the theory, but since I first heard about it, I sometimes think that there just might just be it. Makes sence to me at least. (And since this is not really an open discussion for you to argue with me here…)

Regardless, I will keep believing that the people we meet, they come into our life for a purpose. This is also one of the many reasons for why I really enjoy meeting new people. They all give me something back in life. Teach me a lesson. And I am not the first one to back down on getting to know something about life. Or about myself for that matter.

Does it not also make that new person, that you are just getting to know, a little more important to you than if (s)he simply was a random person? Might be worth consideration

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My Mantra

I want to share something with you reading this post.
There is this quote I have near my bed, and it is one of the very first things I see every morning I wake up.

Every day I have the power to change my life

It is a simple quote, really. The meaning is pretty obvious one might even think. But are we aware of the fact, that this is really the case? I am not quite sure how long this quote has been following me in my life, but it still has the very same meaning to me as it did the very first time I read it, and I fell in love with it from that very first moment. I guess it makes it somewhat my mantra.

Question is, if you change your mind, do you really believe that you have the power to change everything around you? As in, your life?
(I actually experimented with this once, in a very… well, direct way. There was this person that had some difficulties to get along with (can’t be loved by everyone, aye?) and one day I simply decided to change my mind about this person. Without the person doing anything towards me changing my mind about him or her. And to my great surprise, it actually worked. I didn’t tell that I was trying out some magic mind-changing experiment, but it worked. It was not the way I acted, but my simple opinion about this person, (that itself might have changed my way of acting, simple math right?), but the point is that it worked. And as a result, the other person changed his or hers behaviour towards me as well.  Not sure if this says more about me, the quote, or the person I tried the magic on, but it worked and that’s my point here. Since this was a person that I had to meet every day, and was in my life whether I wanted it or not (we worked together) but it did have a huge impact on my life. You might recognize the feeling, when there is someone in your closeness, that you never really choose to hang out with in the first case, but had to be around anyway. And then, if it happens that you just don’t send and receive on the same wave… things can get a bit uncomfortable).

Another thing that got to me is that we all face problems in life, bigger, smaller, more or less serious, but we all have them. For better and for worse. Now, you can make an active decision to simply ask yourself, is this going to put you down? Are you going to focus on the problem, or are you going to make the decision of putting your time and effort into finding a solution to the problem? You see, it’s all a state of mind. If you change your mind, you can change your life.

As for having the power to actually change your life, that might be a very complex thing for many of you reading this, but I still believe that it is the truth. You really can quit your job. You have the capacity of learning a new language. If you just put your mind into it, you can. Really. You do. Whatever the case is, if there is a will, there’s a way. (Isn’t that what they say?)

Now, one thing that amazed me was when a friend of mine saw the quote, and out of the blue, without even needing a second to think about it, said that the quote is wrong –  I, of course, was shocked by what I had just heard – and my friend kept on saying that instead it should say; Every day I have the power to change other people’s life.

I did not know what to say. It was one of those moments you (or is it just me?) get this huge smile on your lips, because of what you have just heard or seen, liking it, actually, loving it, and it’s just perfect, makes so much sense, and you believe in it with every single piece of yourself. And this was the case even here. I have no idea if my friend had heard the quote before, but I really liked the way my friend was thinking. And if you only think about it for a second, it is indeed correct. For better and for worse, we all have the power to change other people’s life. And what makes me even more cautious, is that it is a quite powerful tool to be perfectly honest with you. If we were all aware of the fact that we all have this power within us, and if we used it responsibly, there would be more people smiling in the world.

So, since then, this is what I read every morning when I wake up:

Every day I have the power to change my life other people’s life

And truth be told, I love it. The new quote is freak’n awesome!

As for my friend who came up with the revision of the quote, ¡Muchas Gracias!

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The Chosen One

Do you want to be chosen by someone?
And do you want to choose someone? Someone to fill up that “empty space” in your life? And would it not be great if the person that you choose would choose you back in return?

I am not sure why we keep hearing about this “empty space” to be filled up, but sure… let’s say that it is what you want that other person to do – fill up your empty space.
Now, is it too much to ask for, to be a special someone, not just someone, but to be chosen just because you are you, specifically you!

I do believe that the society we (or is it just me?) live in today, are afraid of taking decisions like these. Since there is just “so much out there”, there are always “more fishes in the sea”, and there are so many alternatives, so much “better”… what is “better” anyway? Is it not about working on a partnership? A relationship is not just something that two random people decide to establish and leave to “handle itself”…
I for some reason, think that it’s about two (well… suppose that there could be a discussion here about the amount of people in a relationship, but for the simplicity, let’s just stick to two) people, that want (since they did choose each other) to make an effort, to become a team, to respect, and honour each other as their partner in life.
For better and for worse, to hold your hand when you are frightened, hug you when you had a bad day… someone to share moments with, that all in all, those moments are your life. No need to be together 24/7… (no matter how badly you might be in love, after a week, you will be exhausted, I’m telling you!) but knowing that you can rely on the other person. That no matter what, you can be your true self, no mask or armor, no screen or fake attitude to look rough. Someone to kick back and relax with. Someone that wants to be with you, that you trust enough to put your coat of arms away (the coat you, and all of us in some respect, put on every day in life, in order to handle the rough and tough world out there. With conflicts, bad news, financial crises, unemployment, children crying, people dying, bad hairdays, traffic jams, expectations to live up to, performance anxiety, keeping deadlines, competition…) Because, more or less, we all have a coat like that. I have hardly met any person that did not have a coat of arms on them at the first “hello”… we do not expose ourselves like that to anyone that we don’t trust. (I cannot blame you, or anyone else for that matter, since I do the very same thing).

But is it not a beautiful thing when someone reveals that (s)he wants you in their life? That you are a unique person that this other person cherish and appreciates enough to genuinely want you in their life? That (s)he wants to take off that coat when being with you? That you have been given that amount of trust, that the other person feels relaxed, safe and comfortable enough to take off that coat and expose him or herself when you are around.

Are we really that afraid to let other people in that we choose never to say those words? To make that decision? To confess that we want someone else in our life, that we choose that person to be someone special to us, taking a place that is strictly reserved for someone very dear to us, having a place in our life and heart… that once that certain place is taken, filled up, no longer is vacant for anyone else… as long as it is filled by this chosen person?

Being tough, not showing emotions, not being empathic… was once what I thought was a characteristic of the stronger people. Those who would not let anything get to them. Or more precisely, not anyone get to them. (Let me just point out that what I am taking about here, are situations when you are being your private self, without any title more than your name) And sure, some people deal with emotions like that. More precisely, they don’t deal with them at all. They simply ignore them, because of the fear of getting hurt, or actually the necessity to take a decision freaks them out, so they rather not make a decision at all. Thinking that “Maybe… if I stare at it long enough, it will go away”.
And yes, sometimes it does. Go away. The other person, waiting for that decision to be taken, might not wait around for you to make it, whatever it may be. (Problem solved?)

Today I see people who deal with emotions to be the strong ones. Not afraid of taking a stand, making a decision. Feeling and revealing what they have in their hearts.
People who are not afraid of telling someone else how they feel.
Mean what they say and say what they mean.
Exposing your emotions does take a lot of courage (and stupidity? Maybe they only come hand-in-hand…) to handle emotions. Your own ones, and others.

What gets to me is when I see couples, looking all cute… and then being told by one of them, or sometimes both of them, that it’s all fake. That one, or maybe both, are actually just waiting for another, “better” option to come along… but until then they are together. For the sake of not being alone. Of having someone, no one special, just having someone around, to fill up that space of emptiness.
How far can one go? Keeping another person hanging like that? Thinking that they are chosen by the other person, when they in fact are not. They just happened to be at a certain place at a certain time, and got stuck there. Are we that afraid of being alone, that we would take anyone… with the risk of hurting the other person… Once they find out that, for the other person, they were never special, and that the person that they have chosen never did and never will choose them back?

Indeed, it makes me sad how far we are ready to go with another person… without showing respect for each other, and each others feelings. Maybe that is why there is a lack passion and why romance is dead. I find myself to be living at a place where it sure is cold. (Not only am I talking about the weather…)

One thing is for sure though.

It’s better to be alone than with the wrong person

Because at the end of the day… you might be able to fool the other person. But you can’t fool yourself.

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Leave No Stone Unturned

Are you a person who listens to the tones or the lyrics of a song?

I am the latter. For sure I am. A song can capture me that bad, that I get all hooked up on it. For days. Depending on what the lyrics are about, I can switch my mood in an instant. (Which is really helpful when I need a smile, in case I temporarily run out of my own).
So, anyway, there must be around a hundred (or more) songs that follow me from one year to another, and I tend to tune them in whenever I need to hear the lyrics, the story that is being sung to the tones. Since I am used to having music around me, all the time, I take time to actually listen to what the singer(s) want to convey in their songs.

The past week I have entered a mode where I begin my days with a long run outside. Can’t imagine that I haven’t started my days running before… I mean, for sure, I still prefer dancing to running, but this is simply way to good to resist. And believe me, I have gone through all the excuses; “It’s boring”, “Monotonous”, “My shoes are made for walking, not running”… But I believe that I have finally understood the awesomeness (!) of running. So, what I do is that I wake up in the morning, get dressed, and go out in the chilly (mornings in November are around 41*F, or 5*C, and the winter is not here yet…) and run.

Anyway, for my run I tune in a song that I have been listening to for ages. I have no idea when I heard it for the first time. Nor can I tell you how often I listen to it, since I have no idea. It’s one of those pop-songs that can pass you by unnoticed, like any other song. But I like the message in the song. Since it basically tells you to be aware that this might be your final day. Don’t take things for granted and enjoy this moment. Right now. This is the message that has started my mornings the last week, and for sure, it does give you a different perspective when you hear “don’t take the free-ride in your own life”… Not only do I get motivated to grab my day with both hands, and do it my way. I decide to deal with things, situations or issues that I have been leaving for tomorrow… or the day after day to handle or sort out.

Sure, I have come to the conclusion that (at least in my case) I cannot live life being a hundred percent in the present. I make ideas for the future (what is the purpose of getting an education if you don’t think about tomorrow?) However, lately I have been better at living the moment, more than I usually do.

All in all, we are all responsible for our own happiness, are we not? So why not take action and do something in the direction of becoming happy?

The entire song does make me think in a different way and there are a couple of lines that points things out to me. (Now, I don’t know how much one should listen and live life according to a song, but sometimes you need someone or something to guide you… some kind of distraction to make you re-think, analyze, or even stop analyzing and start to enjoy instead. Now, I don’t walk around thinking about songs and their lyrics all the time. I don’t live my life according to songs, but I get inspired by lyrics, by images, by people, by thoughts and myself. I suppose that I am simply looking for balance and harmony in life, and depending on what is going on in my life, I find some kind of comfort or strengths in music. Have you ever felt that way?)

Each day’s a gift and not a given right,
Leave no stone unturned,
Leave your fears behind.

So, no matter what, I think one should remember just this. Tomorrow is not a given right. And regarding leaving ones fears behind… Now, it’s easier said than done. But once doing so, overcoming your own fears, sure does make you grow as a person. And that feeling is awesome.

I would really recommend you to listen to this song;

As for not leaving any stone unturned… I believe in taking chances in life. That is in some regards what life is about, isn’t it?
Looking under that stone, is just that – Taking a chance, that you might need to take. I did not leave it unturned. I took a chance. And what made me do it was simple. Tomorrow… might be too late.


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What Colour are You

Have you heard that your aura has a colour?

Do you even believe that you have an aura? And what is that phenomenon anyway?

The other day, actually, it was a couple of weeks ago now, I was hanging out by a pool, when a random person came by and started to chat with me. Being polite as my parents taught me to be, I simply chatted along with the person who turned out to have the ability to see auras. (At least that was what he told me.)

Going on, he told me all the crazies things. (Well, maybe they were not all that crazy, but I found them to be, since I just met the person, and after talking for 1 minute, he could tell me the date of my birth. I am talking about the exact date of my birth. And let’s be honest here, that does not happen to you every second day, now does it?)

Anyway, he also told me about my aura. Or more specifically, he told me about the colour of my aura, and what it ment for me as a person – how I am, and according to him, the colour of your aura, tells a lot about how you are as a person. Your strengths and weaknesses. (Awesome thing if you could simply tell the colour of you aura next time you were at a job interview. So easy, “Would you please tell me the colour of your aura”, instead of actually declare what you are bad at! I mean, it’s never easy to say… well, any of the two stated points above. For swedes in particular, due to the so famous and yet really unpopular “Jantelagen”. A law that begins with “You shall not believe that you are Something”…)

So, anyway, having the colour of my aura being revealed to me was a bit of a shock. Even though I actually did recognize much of myself in the characteristics that he explained to me that my aura was (obviously) colouring my life with, I found out things that I did not want to know. Not yet anyway. Things that would not be revealed to me in the nearest time, since it involved me becoming a parent. And as far as I am concerned… I am not a parent yet. So, having someone telling you, a stranger I might add, how you are going to be as a parent, was sort of the weirdest feeling ever.

So, I am still doubting if we have auras. And even if we do, is it the same thing as with astrology? Does every Libra have the same characteristic? Or horoscopes, will all Aries have the same bad hair day on Wednesday? Hmm… I am skeptical.

Not convinced, I found it to be a somewhat different, yet fun, experience to have a chat about my aura.

Now I do not know about you, but I know about me. And somewhere on the road of my life, I realized… or more accurately, I decided that no matter my Zodiac sign (And colour of my aura now that I know that I have one.  And what colour it has) I find that it is not about finding out who you are. Just because you were born at a certain date, or your aura has a specific colour… should not (in my opinion) decide who you are as a person. Not now. Not ever.

It’s not about finding out who you are. But creating who you want to be.

And living according to that, can really make things easier.
Try it, maybe you’ll notice the difference yourself.

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Double the Trouble!

Have you ever met a person for the very first time, and without any reasonable explanation, you just know that the two of you belong together?
I do not know if I believe in soul mates… anymore. I guess I did once, but I have seen people hurting one another too much, in order to believe that a soul mate exist. But as for this person that I wish to dedicate this particular post to, is a very dear friend of mine, whom I honestly wish that I had the possibility to meet more often than I do.

She has a heart of gold, and her eyes smile with the most beautiful twinkle. I met this person in, well… one could say, odd circumstances. Since both of us were far away from home, in a place where we found each other starting off an adventure that would change both of our lives.

From the very beginning, I knew that this person is something else, something more. And indeed, she was, and still is.
Talking to her, is like talking to my sister, which is what she is. By choice.

She might not know everything about me, and I do not know everything about her. But for some reason, I know that we belong together.
I know that no matter the time difference or geographic distance, she will always be there for me when I need a helping hand, and I can rely on her. She is my Trouble Sister. And as far as I believe, things happen for a reason. And putting my life on hold for months to go away, to a far and distant place, a reason for that was for me to enrich my life with this amazing person.

She is one of the strongest person I know. She fights for other people rights, she stands up for them when they are disabled to do so themselves. She takes time to listen to others and she will lend you her hand and shoulder when you need it.

Earlier this evening, I received a message from her. And I have to admit, that in the middle of everything going on in my life (different post, later on, when I’ll make time). It made me stop and just smile. Knowing that no matter what, I am fortunate to be surrounded with beautiful people who I am honoured to call my friends. When I had the most grey or problematic day… there are people in the world that makes me smile. For no reason really, more than the one that they make me happy. By simply being themselves.

This particular person that I am dedicating this post to, never ever doubt your awesomeness!
Because you really are beautiful – from the inside and out!

No matter how far, always close!



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