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One of Those Days

It’s one of those days. Those kind of days where you are surrounded by a lot of people, but feel as if you’re the loneliness person on earth. Where no one understands the way you feel, the way you think, the way you are or why you wish to scream it out!

It’s one of those days where you do stupid things. Where your head is not following, and in the end you will most probably end up regretting what you just did. One of those days where all you really want is for someone to hold you tight and close, whisper sweet little lies in your ear for you to believe that things will work out. That there will be a day tomorrow, that there comes sun after rain… that it needs to be dark before it can be bright and light again… Regardless of whether you know if it’s all just words or you believe in them, truth is that by having someone to pull you up, when you are down in that emotionally valley, that is all you really want. Some encouragement, not pity. A little bit of comfort, a little bit of safety when the storm is too hard for yourself to stand alone, a hand to hold on to…

Now, I know. One should never, ever take anyone or anything for granted. But would it not be amazing to know that there is always someone dear to you, that is able to take that role upon him or her self? Without any doubt in mind, that person will be your hero, or your hand to hold on to. In fact, that person does not really have to understand, or even try to understand. Just be there. I suppose sometimes the best conversations we have are silent. Mute. No words, but a lot of other forms of communication is taking part. I truly enjoy that. Just a long hug, that can make me feel a thousand times better than anyone trying to understand what I think or feel, asking a lot of questions while trying to do so.

It’s just one of those days… I really hope that tomorrow will be another day. Peace.


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The smell of coffee in the morning, sun rising outside my window, I pull my duvet a little closer towards myself and smile as a ray of sun hits my face. Good morning! A new day! Welcome amazing world!
This is one of the moments that makes my life worth living, I find. The smallest things in life, so simple, yet so wonderful.

Later on I come to wonder about my life… about the people I met. It’s always the people. Sure, places are also exciting, but what gets to me more are the encounters I’ve had during my years here on earth. The smiles, the laughs, the cries and adventures I have been to, with other people.

I grab my phone and start to look at what’s been going on in the virtual world whilst I was asleep. I see names of people I hold dear, I see pictures that makes me laugh, I read messages that are touching, and somewhere in between I look up to the sun outside my window and feel so grateful for my life. For being surrounded and connected to all these awesome souls in the world, spread all over the globe, no matter how far, they are always close to me. Family and friends. All the people, the feelings and emotions towards people… I find it fascinating how all of this can fit into my heart, yet there they are. Always with me, no matter where I go.

I suddenly end up with a picture of my siblings and myself at a very young age. It all stops then, right of a sudden.


Beauty, love, joy and fearless emotions captured in one photo.

I’m surprised myself that I remember the moment when the photo was taken, and I realize how fast time travels. It spins faster than we want, and there is really nothing that we can do about it. I’d love to go back to that moment, just for a little while. And the reason for that is that I wish I was more thankful for those moments I had with my siblings, right there and then. I wish I knew that this very moment would never come again. I would no longer be short enough not to reach the ground as I sit on a chair, no longer would I be able to fool around with my siblings whenever I wanted to… We all grew up and began to live our own, separate lives. Miles and miles apart… where we need technical tools in order to communicate. Time-zones separating us, instead of sharing the same roof.

Even though the photo is already taken, the moment is far gone by now in reality… I look at the picture, the smiles, feel the love and gratefulness towards life for bringing me these moments back. The moment is still there, in my heart and memory.

… Ah, a little nostalgia to start the new day. Just to remind me of how wonderful life is. And truth be told, it is. Don’t forget that.

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