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Mind Your Thoughts

Picture this … You wake up with sunshine in mind, ready to jump up from bed and grab the day with both of your hands! “Watch out World,  Here I Come!”… and then it becomes grey. I don’t know what happened, the sunshine was suddenly gone, and I had the feeling that I might just crawl back to bed. As if I was just hoping for the message “Today is cancelled, go back to bed”… but to my very surprise (not really), that message never came. Hmph. So, I was digging deeper and suddenly began to see things in dark colours, life was no longer fun, it was difficult, so many things were just wrong, complaining and being all ‘bleeeh’, that was the next exit I was about to take.

I faced the day (what other option did I really have?) As I went out to catch some fresh air outside, I came to think about how fast ones (or is it just me?) mood can swing; up and down, and up again, like a roller-coaster with a pathetic excuse of seatbelt…Well, at least I cannot claim that I am bored hanging out with myself.

As I later spoke to a dear friend of mine, he reminded me of something I had forgotten about. An important lesson I learned years ago. It’s about the law of attraction and the power of your thoughts. How to change your life with the tools you are given, with your mind and thoughts. It’s ridiculously easy, and truth is that it works.

You see, thing is that;

You cannot live a positive life with a negative mind

No matter how hard you try, it is doomed to fail. Because whether you believe that you can do something or that you can not, you are totally right. No matter how you want to put it, everything in life begins with a thought, an idea. Something created in one’s mind. If you are more in control of what you think, of your own thoughts, you will begin to see the amazing things that will happen to you in every single aspect of life. Looking back on the very few last weeks I see that I have been practising this positive mental attitude without being aware of what I am attracting and invite into my life.

In fact, just a couple of weeks ago, I met a new smile. Someone who asked me questions I have never been asked before, and I spoke about things I never spoken about with any soul in life earlier. We spent only a few moments together, yet this person came to me, to my life, when I needed (and wanted) it. This person helped me to overcome a fear I have been pushing away to face for a long time, running round and round in circles, without actually dealing with it. What this person taught me was how to simply change perspective on the issue I have not been capable of handling myself. It was something totally different and new, but instead of having fear taking over, I decided to take this opportunity that I was given and learn, embrace it and

A new person, a new perspective, and problem was solved. I don’t know exactly what happened… Another continent was on the horizon I closed my eyes and listened to the sound of the Ocean. Within the blink of an eye, I became a little dizzy and seconds later I began to laugh, and tears of joy filled my eyes. It was done. It really happened. My heart was healed, and I was no longer a prisoner of my own thoughts. Regardless of who this person who helped me to overcome my self was, I am thankful that I (in one way or another) attracted this person into my life, just when I needed it.
It was about time!

Right after that, another thing happened to me. From nowhere I saw a smile I needed to get to know better, I was intrigued, attracted and curious. For all the right and wrong reasons, the timing might have been bad, but then again, when is the right moment? Is there such a thing as a “perfect moment”? Are we not simply living in a moment? Life is so short, life is to be considered as one single short moment. This is why I decided not to wait for another second to pass by. It’s funny what life gives you when you ask for it. The new smile I just had invited to my life reminded me of someone I once knew, even though this was definitely not the same person. I felt as if I was supposed to get to know this person. We shared a laugh and I was caught up by the moment. From then on, I knew that I was going to miss that person once we are far from one another. Sometimes you just know. From a look, from a smile, from a distance, from within.

Life. Your life. If you knew just how powerful your own thoughts are, I firmly believe that you would never think a negative thought ever again. Every single thing in your life began and begins with a thought.
(Let’s face it, even you, your life, began with someone having a thought… a couple of months later, Voíla! You were in this world!)

Thoughts are extremely powerful tools that we are given to handle in a responsible way, to shape and create our life with. It affects other in all different ways possible, and when it comes down to it, I need to remind myself from time to time, to be more aware of my own thoughts.

As the day moved on, the sunshine was back. Not outside, up in the sky, but in my life. And most importantly, I needed to understand, once again, that a bad day does not mean that you have a bad life. Simply change your attitude, and you will change your life.

We could complain that the roses have thorns… complaining is easy, it pushes the problem forward and it does not solve anything.
Or, we could be thankful that thorns have roses. Whichever perspective you choose to use, do it consciously, and know that it’s a matter of perspective. It all begins with a thought. And there is no one stopping you from thinking a little bigger, a little better, and be aware that you attract things into your life. Do it consciously, and enjoy the ride.

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