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No Mistakes

Some relationships are not meant to last forever. They suddenly end, leaving you either heartbroken or relieved… Are they supposed to be called a “mistake”? I do not believe so.
As I had a conversation about this earlier, I realized that there are no such things as “mistakes”… we are the ones making decisions for ourselves, for our life, and the outcome of it should be based on the decision we make. We should, in my opinion, call them “lessons”, not “mistakes”. Regretting something will not make things easier, worst case scenario is when you can’t take it back, or change your decision. Feeling bad about it, regretting and taking on the perspective of having made a ‘mistake’ does not make the situation any better.

For whatever reason you have to make a decision in life, I wish for you that it is based on how you truly feel, think, believe and wish for. I wonder if it makes any difference making the “right” decision for the “wrong” reasons… is there such a thing?  Also, if there is a “wrong” reason for making the “right” decision, does that equal each other out? Is it the wrong decision then? Or is it the end-result that really matters? –  Random thoughts

Anyway, life goes on. That is what we learn on our journey. If you are heartbroken now, know that it is simply a step towards happiness. If you are confused now, it is the fog before clarity shows up. It takes a little rain to create a rainbow (and we all love rainbows, don’t we?!)
So, I wish you all the very best with your decisions in life. May they be based on your own beliefs, and I hope that you never regret what once made you smile.      And I keep wishing the very same for me.

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