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Messy Games

It seems as if life forces you to play a game, or at least three different ones, simultaneously. If it is with your boss, your colleagues at work, your friends or yourself. What is your role? How do you act? And what is your next step? Always questioning your own and you opponent’s answer to these questions.

It seems to be, that regardless of what game you find yourself to be playing, you fail. As if every or any move you do, will simply put you in a dead-end, with no way out than to surrender. To give up, to admit to yourself or anyone else that the game conquered you, and whatever aim you had is now even further away than it was when starting to play. 

Breaking points are far behind you, and you have crossed lines that you never imagined you would even have to consider. Smiles are gone, ambitions failed and left behind, hearts are broken and souls are dead. Memories from sunshine is blurry and the image of starry sky cannot be seen in the deep, dark night which is left upon your head.

It seems to be no easy way out. Someone will get hurt. Someone will get broken. No one will be laughing. All these messy games. Most probably you will lose them all. Yet, we keep connecting to other players of other games, as life forces us to do. In life we all play games, in order to act, interact and cope – with everyone, everything and ourselves. The games of life, that keep us alive. Are we being honest? Is there one honesty to stay true towards? Our self? Our partner? Our family? Is honesty always a bad-or-wrong-directed road? May we choose to go somewhere between them two? Or may we choose none? What to do when you find that honesty is not what the other person playing the game wants, or needs to learn? What if the honesty you believed to be real, turns out to be unwanted in all or any way? What to do, when you do not know what to do?

It seems as if games always create a lose-lose situation, regardless of how well you play your cards. In the end, we all lose. Something, someone, or even our selves. There is no way around life. You may choose to miss out on it, but then you never really enter it. Would you choose to pass out on life, if you had the choice? Knowing that you will fail on all games you ever start to play…

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