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An Evening in the City

Standing outside on the balcony, the lively citybreeze embracing me and starting to play around my body, catching my clothes to dance together with the breeze. I hear the sound of the streets singing. I hear people laughing as they enjoy their dinner on the local restaurant on the corner downstairs. I see a group of friends biking together along my street, perhaps to a party where they will celebrate the night, dancing and singing together. The sound of the old bikes fade out, and I see how more friends are joining along the street before I lose sight of them.

I look across the street to find a woman standing in front of the mirror and putting up her hair, as she wears a beautiful dress and drinking golden bubbles together with her friend. Her friend colors her own lips with a fire red lipstick, and smiles to her friend’s reflection in the mirror. I believe the two of them are going to a festivity, where they will continue smiling all night, surrounded with many others who spent some time in front of the mirror, choosing their clothes, fixing their hairs and coloring their lips in order to emphasize their own individual beauty.

In another window I see a couple opening up a bottle of red wine as they are preparing a meal together in the kitchen. She smiles towards him, as he asks her to taste the sauce on a little spoon. His eyes sparkle, awaiting her approval of his culinary efforts for the two of them to enjoy together this evening. Perhaps this is the evening where he realizes that she is the woman of his life? Maybe this is the evening where she will tell him how she really feels for him? Could be that their both hearts are beating very fast. Possibly, they are both still nervous to be in each others company. I can almost sense the romance from where I am standing, on the other side of the street, on my balcony, dancing with the citybreeze surrounding me as the sun has gone down for the day, welcoming the night.

I close my eyes as they tear up, tears of joy, tears of love. As every year so far, the Spring brings us hope, lust for love and open our minds to new adventures. But only for this evening, I don’t want to make any plans for what is to be done, what I want to do, or what I wish for. I simply enjoy the moment. This moment. This evening in the city. Where the citybreeze dances with my body. Where the sound of the street creates music to my ears. Where the love of the people around me sends vibes to me, making my body dance to its rhythm. 

Hours later I fall go to bed with an open window, where I hear the bubbly laughter of friends on their way home from festivities. Intoxicating good vibes filling the street, and I fall asleep smiling.


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Follow that Dream

Are you following your dreams? Like, really, honestly, are you spending most of your time – when not sleeping – doing what you like to do? Your passion, fulfilling yourself and making your dreams coming true? I am guessing; not really!

So, put aside all the pressure and stress you might have gotten from parents, friends, siblings, school, society, diplomas, titles, statuses, company names, and what not, why aren’t you doing what you want to do? Did someone forbid you to do it? Does anything really hold you back? And once you have finished answering the questions, you might come to the conclusion of what you really wished that you were spending your time with, instead of going to the same office that you currently go to, seeing the same people that you work together with, and handling the same tasks as you are dealing with, day in, and day out.

Once you finished your extraordinary wish-list of what your dream is, you might already have an idea of how to get there. Finish this, contact that person, travel to this place, read this book, write that letter, quit something, and start something else. Sounds pretty easy, when you put it like that. So, why don’t you? Why haven’t you already, if you have had this idea, these thoughts, these feelings with you all along? Are you scared of failing? Are you scared that it won’t work? Afraid to not make it? Afraid of what people might say? Uncomfortable with the thought of how it might make you feel if you don’t make it to the top?

Let me put this one thing clear for you. People always talk. We communicate and share words and messages all the time. What makes one message different from another is what we choose to share. I once read that;

Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, and great minds discuss ideas

Now, it is completely up to you, to choose what you wish to talk about, and what you want your mind to be like, but don’t let other people’s minds stand in the way of you and your dream. If you let someone else’s mind prevent you from following your dreams, now THAT is a failure, not a situation where you tried and it did not work out. The other situation is when you learn a lesson, not failing to make a dream come true. It is one step closer to achieving your goal. By now, you should know by heart that it is about the journey and not the destination that makes the adventure of life worth living. I am sticking to that. You may choose to do the same.

For whatever it is worth, live your own life. Do what you want to do. Don’t hurt other people when trying to fulfill your dream, but don’t let other people hurt you, when trying to accomplish your dream either.  

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