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Life or Dream

You wake up to wish it is all just a dream. Just a bad dream, which you will soon wake up from. Closing eyes again to fall asleep, to leave the place called life where the emptyness is taking over, and feelings of being indifferent are present. How did you end up in this heavy place where the sunshine is lost, and birds never sing?

Can you say a word to define beauty, and tinge the dark walls surrounding your lifeless body from falling down to the ground, only to be covered in dust? Where is the joy of being alive? Was the dream not long enough to leave trace to remember it by? Was it the dream or life which made you come to this point of no return? Would you have known the difference of dreaming and living the dream? is it in fact a state of mind where feelings are eaten up and hopes are left by the gate when you are being pushed through?

Have you thought about ending the dream? Would it bring you back to life, or would ending the life make you dream all over again? Should you learn to challenge where you are right now? How would you go from dream to life, when wishing for none to excist? Why can’t you wake up from life, and live the dream with your eyes wide closed?

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