Small Moments of Magic

Our eyes meet and for a small second the noise goes silent and I feel the warmth of your look. Unprepared for that familiar feeling, I look away only to disguise my joy that blossoms in a smile. Nothing and everything happened for a split second. Pain is gone, and a dream is born. I turn back to search for your look, which already went missing. The noise returns and all goes back to what it was before. For a split second, when our eyes met, I believe our souls reached out to ask for a dance, yet, the human body was much to blind to realize the magic of that moment, to stop and let the music play. Instead we rushed to the next destination, to where we believe that we must be heading to, only to understand, much too late, that we just missed out.

Much too often, we do not recognize a magical moment until it has passed. We keep being distracted by everything and nothing, that we miss the essentials of life. The colors, the smells, the laughs, the touch, the love and all the magic we are surrounded with, yet blind towards. We are deaf for music of the soul and we are blind for the palette of colors that life is painted with.

We forget the names of friends from the past, we fail to recognize the faces of past loved ones, and we regret what once used to make us smile. We don’t cherish those small moments of magic that bring the sunshine into our life. With every day, we are one day short. We lose time for money, we exchange love for views, we forget and ask to forgive. We end up alone, because we miss those moments, as we rush through life and forgetting to listen to the soul, asking for a dance, a tune to be shared with others. We miss it all. We rush. We are mute and blind. When did we go so wrong? Will our eyes ever meet again in a moment like that? Can it take away my pain and begin that dream again? Can I believe in magic? Did my soul not come back after I turned down that last dance? Did I miss my last moment of magic?

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