Holiday Season

It is once again time to end a year, finalize a circle only to start over again. Lucky are we who are able to dream, plan and wish for the new year to come. Many are those who can not do so. Regardless of family reunions being painful, filled with arguments, or lacking smiles around the dinner table because they are far away or never to come back, we should still remember how fortunate we are to see another day. We tend to forget the beauty of the sunshine, of daylight or the star-dust at night. We tend to forget the impact of smiles and the pain of words. We leave each other scattered abusing our thoughts and mouths, not spending a split of a second wondering about the consequences.

We think “I” before “we”, “us” or even “you”. Have we become this ignorant that there is no action made, or words said and no thoughts shared if there is no benefit for the “I”? Can we make a promise to someone, to anyone, and let our own self, step aside and walk hand in hand with “us”, and share gratefulness for its pure existence?

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